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We are Survivors

The Survivor Team is led by myself, John Oscar 

Einstein once said,  “It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.” I have stayed with this problem Since September of 2005. I have done what I can, on my own. I know at my core, everyone learning enough about this company, will join the Survivor team. Simply because this is the chance, to change the future of our loved ones, by honestly changing the world.

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Founding Team Member

Survivor Storage is about us, and our loved ones future, not one person.

I was combat medically retired after 14 years of active US Army service in June 2005. Two months later Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I watched with my fellow Americans as the tragedies of the superdome unfolded on national TV, and I thought someone needed to fix this.

Less than one month later Hurricane Rita struck. I felt helpless, unable to protect my loved ones as tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage tore my home apart. Rita created one of the top 5 worst traffic jams in world history. Americans, both rich and poor simply ran out of gas and died in the Texas heat. The traffic Jam ran less than 200 yards from my home, and as far as the eye could see. I decided someone needed to fix this, and it might as well be me.


At that moment, this old soldier chose the hill he will die on, and Survivor Storage was born.


We have found the solution. All we need is for good people like you to join our team. 


People fled to the superdome because they had no other option. People ran headlong into the traffic jam because they had no other option. I lived through the horror of my home coming apart around me, because I had no other option.

Survivor Storage is the infrastructure option needed to ensure the future of our loved ones.


Please join us, as we build a better future, for all of humanity. 

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