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We give our loved ones the infrastructure they deserve. Why are options like Superdome, or Traffic Jam, or shelter in place, the only ones  we have ? Trillions in government spending has given our shelter infrastructure absolutely nothing.  The problem is cost, and the answer is Capitalism.  We redesigned one of the largest, oldest, most profitable industries in America from the ground up, based on first principals thinking. We have developed a vertical monopoly, able to scale at breathtaking speed 

From material sourcing, to funding, to design, to construction, to permitting, to capabilities, to profit model. 


We leverage A 53 Billion annual industry, government programs, law, capitalism, common sense, scale, customer needs, infrastructure demands, politics, technology, 3.7 million prepper/survivalists, trade deficit, NIMBY, and basic math to bring our customers a level of family safety and security never before thought possible.

Material Sourcing

Our basic building blocks are the millions of excess Intermodal shipping containers currently clogging our nations logistics infrastructure. A renewable resource since a container has a relatively short mandatory maximum shelf life that we infinitely extend. With current available supply we can build 4,500 facilities each capable of reducing the pressure on the nations crumbling infrastructure and bringing safety and security to thousands of some ones loved ones.


We have decided that Patreon will be our primary initial means of funding. We will use this resource to allow every contributor to become a part owner. When we do incorporate, everyone who has been a donor for more than one year will have all of their monthly contributions totaled and converted directly to stock at a discount price. We want everyone on earth who can afford $20 a month, to be an investor, and part of a team doing something that is actually important for us all. As a team member you will directly affect the future with your votes/opinions/concerns. We hope to make this a legendary profitable event for all team members. We will rely on this team heavily for direction, ideas, problem identification, and anything else we can possible think of to utilize this amazing resource on. None of us, is smarter than all of us.


Our Design is simple, Function dictates form, take the desired number of containers, stack them the way they were intended to be stacked, and digitally walk through them creating standardized doors, hallways, bathroom, storage units, as you go. The focus is on standardization, as few block designs as possible. When we digitally disassemble the facility into the individual marked blocks, currently 36. We then enter the desired block number into a fully automated cutting machine using recycled high pressure water to transform these containers into building blocks in a matter of minutes. Completely modular and standardized, we offer a level of capability/adaptability never before considered possible. Modular units from 8'X8'X10' to 16'X16'X40' multiple units could be joined for something like an EV repair facility. Standard 16'X16'X40' could come in modules such as sandwich/coffee shop, or daycare, dozens of options become available with the primary function of switching to deliver capability in a crisis.


Have you ever stacked LEGO building blocks ? Our expert crane and forklift crews can assemble a facility in days. We simply stack the containers the way they are done on ships that run head first into hurricanes.  We use the same industry standard connectors. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are simply using the wheels, capitalism has given us, to build the modular vehicle, that will drive the future of infrastructure.


Every large city in America has a highly paid emergency manager with staff. We basically do massive sections of this persons job for them. Every single one of them will receive a file. This file will contain the simplified step by step process of getting our permits pre-approved, grant applications, bond initiatives, land proposals done. A military style packet written on the 8th grade reading level with most forms and procedures already filled out and only needing signatures from the person down the hall. A step by step guide on how to walk the paperwork through the process. Our buildings are identical, and exceed all current construction standards. They far exceed disaster shelter standards set by FEMA. The only thing the emergency manager needs to do is forward to staff and say do this. We will happily inform the public about the progress their highly paid local officials are making, or lack there of. Initial facility locations will correspond with these officials ability to do their job, and team member location votes being primary factors.


According to FEMA 320, 361 you need 2 layers of 3/4" standard plywood backed with a sheet of 14 gauge steel to pass missile tests for a tornado disaster shelter. We take the 1 1/8" marine grade plywood flooring that is currently being disposed of as hazardous waste, at great expense, and turning it into armor plating, covering the 14 gauge cor-ten steel shipping container building exterior. Currently self storage facilities do one thing, they store your stuff. Survivor Storage will strive to improve facility safety and security by a factor of at least 10.  We will give our customers/survivors the options most needed, when options are needed most, as a free value added benefit of being a Survivor.  We will be the hardened refueling infrastructure for the newly mandated all electric disaster response vehicle fleets. Combining this with real power storage capacity, will allow us to provide the support the government can't. We will set new boundaries with wind and solar capabilities integrated into structures. We are completely modular, allowing us to standardize and update design, adapting to market demands virtually instantly.  We are just scratching the surface here. 

Profit Model

We simply offer more value to our customers than the self storage industry in America ever dreamed possible. We will rewrite the standards in this 50 billion a year industry as we expand to 100 billion. Our construction costs are a fraction of the competitions, our operating costs are far lower. We are the reason the government gives grants and small business loans. We are what the Trillion's in government infrastructure spending tried to do.  We are Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and as such receive ten preferential points 110/100 on all Government contracts by presidential mandate. Our founding team member took an oath to defend our nation against all enemies, foreign, and domestic, disaster is our domestic enemy. 

We are the only real answer to our infrastructure problems. We are simply the best way money can be spent for the future of all our loved ones. We will introduce new profit streams into the model that the competition can only dream about. We will offer at least 12 standardized upgrades for your storage unit we can install for you, with a few clicks of a mouse, from the privacy of home. We offer every survivor the ability to prepare for almost anything that concerns them.

We are the most carbon negative company of this scale ever created, thus we sell carbon offsets. We are power storage, so we sell power to the grid at peak times. Number two and three growing trends in the self storage industry are wine and data storage, we are far better positioned to deliver these services than the competition. The number One  trend in the industry, and our primary focus is small business using the facilities due to far lower overhead expenses. Our modular capabilities allows us to adapt rapidly to whatever these customers desire. Our building two, with FEMA certifiable units 16'X16'X40' will allow small business to reshape capabilities on an exponential level. Perhaps Coffee/Sandwich shop modules designed to be able to feed the masses in an emergency, and supercharger customers in the meantime ? Perhaps some of these modules could give new options to nursing homes, and hospital emergency overflow. How do you measure the value we bring to communities, first responders, and our loved ones in an emergency ? We can give the future more than fields of motorhomes, and boats, blown around the landscape in a disaster, they deserve better. Putting disaster response vehicles in places protected from disaster might be a good idea. Perhaps multimodule sets for police departments, and fire departments, so they are not burned down in riots. We can easily redefine what is possible with supercharger amenities, while building the dual purpose infrastructure our loved ones deserve. Nothing will stop us, once you,  and a few others join our team. Please think about it, if their is a better answer we would love to hear it. After 17 years of research, this is the only way we have found. Out of 7,873,000,000 we need 10,000 original members, at least, to stand up and join our team, with their thoughts, votes, actions, and yes, A $20 a month investment, into starting the unstoppable engine of capitalism. All top questions from patrons get detailed answers, negative get priority. You are potentially identifying weakness that we may have overlooked. Letting us know an area we need to better explain, or perhaps learn from you a complete different method altogether. If you think you found a flaw, you could be eligible for cash, job positions, internships, and/or an award. We will explain in detail why we think you are wrong, or we will change policy together. Most questions are a matter of record for our patrons, if not, they will be after I answer your unique one. All Patron accounts over one year old will be credited, and fully reimbursed with release stock options, at a discount, when we do finally incorporate. The first 10,000 patrons to make it a year get an even sweeter deal. Together we will turn your contributions into investments with epic profit margins our amazing team members deserve.

Want more ?

Please consider joining our Patrean team.

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