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Right now in America there is over 6 square feet of self storage space available for every man woman and child. We simply replace these facilities in a matter of months, instead of decades, with ones that are FEMA certifiable disaster shelters. Giving your family options in emergencies, and giving our nation the infrastructure it needs for the future, as a free value added benefit.

We slightly alter, re-purpose the 4.5 million excess intermodal shipping containers clogging seaports, on automated assembly lines,  Forming Lego style building blocks, we then restack in LEGO style to form seven story self storage facilities that exceed all standards for FEMA certification as disaster shelters.

We will replace this antiquated 53 billion annual industry with the infrastructure America needs to face any challenge of the future.

Think about it, then think bigger and read below

A typical construction crew, the fastest you will ever see.

We change how charities, FEMA and emergency management on all levels respond to disasters.

Survivor storage will change the way communities respond to disasters. From FEMA all the way to your local police, paramedics, firemen, ALL first responders. With your assistance, we will make our government better able to work for us.

How can we make these claims ? The 7th floor of at least one Survivor Storage Facility in every city will be custom designed for emergency management workflow. A Hardened command center for emergency operations with state of the art standardized technology at their fingertips, Identical in every city. We rent to FEMA for half what they currently spend on maintenance and holding costs, of similar facilities if available. Allowing them to expand their budgets to more targeted grants, fueling our growth of scale. We will give FEMA, every State National Guard, and ROTC an identical mock up unit to practice in.

Before a special operations unit conducts a mission, if possible, they produce a mock up environment for units to practice in, over and over. The more accurate the mock up, the better. The more times practiced, the smoother the operation will run. The intent is to get as close to a groundhog day scenario as possible. The only change from training is face and name from those outside your team. You know where the doors are, where issues and problems will happen. This information is critical for positioning support that becomes the determining factor in who lives and who dies, in the most critical first 72 hours of disaster response ? 


Every facility is identical, designed by experts through training, study, and practice for perfect workflow. 

Together, how many more critical lifesaving hours of actual saving lives will we add to the golden first 72? How many in the next 10-100, years ? Over 50,000 square feet of standardized modular secure infrastructure with hundreds of thousands available, modular and custom built to act as a command center for FEMA, emergency managers, officials, reporters, and charities. The  rooftop specifically designed for heavy lift and Life Flight helicopter traffic. Multiple commercial freight elevators ready to deliver supplies into the heart of the tragedy, and your loved ones with critical injuries to safety. Imagine an ability to scale that could shelter millions in the next 5-10 years

For charities we will provide free services, from classrooms to brief volunteers, to secure places to store supplies and equipment, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

All active first responders will be given priority, steeply discounted, access to their own family disaster unit. Expecting humans to function at 100%, when they do not know their family is safe, is just stupid. Now that these families are safe, or at least all heading to the same place. What is the one location violence will be least tolerated?

We are not inventing the wheel, we are vertically integrating  wheels with an antiquated, bloated 53 billion industry, 4.6 million excess first principle building blocks, climate change, infrastructure weakness, and desperate need for emergency shelter,  to create the modular infrastructure, delivering a better/safer future, for us all. If you are not convinced, please learn more about our company, we will be one of the most transparent institutions on earth.


We will answer all top questions, in detail, directly, on our Patreon platform. If you think it is worth $20 a month to help make Survivor Storage a reality, please join our team. Together we will show this planet what can only happen in America.

To all of our amazing Patron team members. This can not happen without you, Thank You, Our history will remember your contribution.

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