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Building emergency shelters and infrastructure for millions of our loved ones, in the next 10 years.


We repurpose shipping containers to build self storage facilities. FEMA certifiable as disaster shelters. We are the completely modular, adaptable,  infrastructure an unpredictable future demands. 


Survivor Storage will armor the current 1.7 billion square feet of self storage space in America. This alone will give one in ten American families (currently renting) free access to a private disaster shelter as the added value they deserve for being a surviving patron. We hope to double the size of this 50+ billion annual market.

 The Problems We Help Fix
- Horrific US Infrastructure

- Electrical Grid/Refueling
- Inadequate shelter options
- Poor evacuation capabilities
- Most Prepper Concerns, thus the list goes on and on and on.

Survivor Storage

Life Insurance, that insures your family stays alive.

                                                                    What We Have Done

We applied first principles thinking, to underused resources/industries to create a vertical monopoly, a quantum shift in an established 53 billion a year industry, capable of building the adaptable, modular infrastructure the future demands. We build massive self storage facilities, with lightly modified, repurposed intermodal shipping containers, seven stories high, in a matter of days. FEMA certifiable as disaster shelters, capable of sheltering thousands. Adding protected electric refueling and power storage/generation capabilities. Simply put, we are the desperately needed, easily affordable, modular infrastructure of tomorrow.


We stack lightly modified intermodal shipping containers seven stories high in a matter of days. Our facilities can shelter thousands, with protected electric refueling and power storage/generation capabilities. 

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